Motion Graphics
Lasker Jewelry Appraisal Social Media Ad  & JoJo's Bizzarre Adventure Manga Cover Animation
(Left) The Lasker Jewelry video is a mock up of a social media promotion that advertises their appraisal services. Included in the video is a call to action, urging the viewer of the importance of getting their jewelry looked at by a professional.
(Right) is a mock up of a manga cover for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It includes movement in the background and foreground at different points, giving it a dimensional feel and calling attention to various elements in the composition.

How to Make a Cake Animation
This motion graphic was a project made in collaboration with Amelia Gailloux. The goal of this animation was to put together a set of 2D images and animate them in a way that resembled the feel of old Flash animated games. Each graphic was drawn in Illustrator then exported to After Effects for animation, tweaks, and sound effects.
Logo Motion Graphics
A usage of motion and sound to pull apart company logos and animate the pieces to make each logo come to life.

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