Realityworks - Marketing Internship
A collection of projects I worked on as their marketing intern from May 2023 - December 2023
PowerPoint Slides
Creating and cleaning up PowerPoint slides were one of the many tasks I completed at Realityworks. The left slide served as an introductory slide that introduced who the company is and their mission. The right slides are an excerpt from a much larger slide set that details different offered products their curriculum overview, and links to their product pages.
Implementation Guide Updates
These guide updates included consolidated previous versions of multi-page guides down into  a more digestible 2-sided page. These guides serve as classroom set up ideas for educators.
Implementation Guide Updates
Realityworks uses infographics as a free resource tool for educators and the general public to bring awareness on different areas of interest, skills, and preventative information.
As the marketing intern, I was responsible for the monthly internal newsletter. Working with HR, I would compile different events, news, and important information that was then shared with the whole company.
Internal T-Shirt Design
As a part of my position, I would receive requests to do designs for internal usage like the newsletter. For the manufacturing team, I designed a T-Shirt that represented their hard work and dedication to the company.
Tradeshow Graphics
An important part of marketing for Realityworks are their tradeshows. My responsibility in this area was to create different fliers that advertised meet and greets, new products, and collected leads.
Marketing Posters, Fliers, and Social Media Posts
Social Media Videos
Products Videos
Website Updates

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