Beyond its aesthetic appeal, color serves as a powerful communication tool, conveying information, evoking moods, and influencing our behavior in diverse contexts. As a result of my interest in exploring this topic, “Colorspace” was born. 
“Colorspace” is a vibrant exploration of color mechanics. It blends the digital and physical landscape of art through its utilization of physical sculpture, a printed zine, and augmented reality. The zine itself explores the fundamental realm of color. It is a brief guide detailing the physics of light, color theory, and the emotive capacities of color. The sculptural exploration takes a leap beyond, and it acts as a supportive piece to the zine. This three-dimensional plexiglass shape not only pushes the boundaries of traditional artistic mediums but also invites observers to witness the interplay of light and form. Lastly, augmented reality serves as the invisible thread weaving through this piece. With a smart device, the AR portion  invites viewers into a small, immersive digital experience that acts as a bridge between technology and physicality.

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